Conditions We Address

Our Scope of Services Include:

  • Child and adolescent mental health services like Autism, ADHD;
  • Alcohol and substance use disorders like addiction related conditions;
  • Geriatric mental health care like dementia, post-stroke behavioral changes;
  • Forensic mental health such as infanticide, attempted suicide;
  • Women’s mental health including disorders associated with puerperium such as postpartum depression;
  • Neurology clinics which includes headache clinics, insomnia clinics and other neurological conditions;
  • Psycho-oncology care such as behavioral changes following cancer diagnosis or treatment;
  • Psychological first aid following a sudden disaster or outbreak;
  • Psychological care for stressful life events and other acute/chronically distressing situations;
  • Grief counselling following the loss of a job or loved one;
  • Personality assessment in the workplace, marriage and compatibility reasons;
  • Fitness to work after an illness or extended break;
  • Fitness for travel;
  • Fitness of young/adolescents to return to boarding school or travel overseas;
  • Assessment of life skills in adolescents;
  • Stress management,stress relief and respite care;
  • Behavioral concerns include changes in behaviour;
  • Telepsychiatry;
  • physiotherapy.

Our resident psychiatrist and neurologist are fellows of the West African College of Physicians and The National Postgraduate College of Nigeria. We also offer telepsychiatry services with our psychiatrist based in USA and UK.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

This is a support program for employees and their dependents to access prompt confidential counselling in times of psychological distress....

Substance Use Disorder (Drug & Alcohol)

We screen, diagnose and manage all forms of substance use disorders in a residential setting. Call us for help with...

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

This service is designed to identify and manage any form of psychological distress experienced by children/adolescents within the ages...

Geriatric Mental Helath

This is old age care for people aged 60years and above. We cater to any form of psychological distress in...

Perinatal Mental Health Care

We offer various Perinatal services which include Pre-natal Mental Health Counselling, Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, Pseudo Dementia...

Quick Tests & Therapies

Tests available include Drug abuse screening, Electroencephalogram (EEG), etc. Therapies available include: Parental Skills Training, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Behavioural Activation,...


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